Thursday, August 14, 2008

Session B: Video Footage

Hi All,
All the video footage for session B has been edited, converted and compiled in one convenient location here. On the site you will find links to youtube videos and also have the option to download the individual clips. The clips that you can download will be higher quality since it wasn't converted by the youtube filters. Enjoy!
MediaGuy Session B

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Session B - Some Video Footage

Hey All -
I made all the videos (thus far) now available via download on my website, links are posted. Or you can watch the videos online via the links below. However, the downloaded videos are a much higher quality and haven't been distorted by any video hosting sites. Download times will vary and depending on your computer specs if you view the video footage at half size the quality might seem sharper for you.
The talent show video is coming soon.

Camper vs. Counselor Game - Download - (213mb)

NUTC Highlight Reel 2008 - Session B

Part 1 - (106mb)
Part 2 - (215mb)
Part 3 - (162mb)

Watch Session B Videos - Online Here

HR - Part 1 - Here
HR - Part 2 - Here
HR - Part 3 - Here

Camper Counselor Game