Tuesday, August 16, 2011

NUTC Season 2011 Completed

Where the campers came from over the four weeks.

Good morning everyone,

The NUTC 2011 Season has finished successfully with campers from more than half of the states taking the train, bus, plane or car to get here. This summer has been amazing, four weeks jam packed full of energy and excitement throughout every throw and catch. Each week brought something new to the camp and all of the counselors certainly learned a lot from every camper. By the end of the last session the counselors and staff are even more pumped up for next year than ever before. Remember your one homework assignment over the next year is to teach five people about the sport of ultimate. You all have the power to make the sport exponentially but only you can do it. If you need help completing this task remember to use all the resources around you. Friend the new friends you made via Facebook, email the counselors and Tiina and always have a disc nearby. For those interested, Brent has made a sample ultimate workout that you can take a look at here. So until next year, good luck with your upcoming training and seasons, and we'll see you out on the fields.


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