Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NUTC Session B - Media Update # 3

The Session B Tournament Schedule
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Yesterday morning each team went over the style of zone that they wanted to play for the upcoming tournament. After lunch the distance contest was held in three divisions (boys 15 and under, boys 16 and over and girls) as part of the Disc Olympics. The second event of Disc Olympics, MTA (maximum time aloft) also occurred as mixed pairs took the field in hopes of gaining the longest time. In addition, the Session B tournament commenced and one round was played yesterday. Once the cleats were hung up for the day and the players were well fed, trade night took place where players traded gear from their home teams and around the world that they had acquired. Breakmark even stopped by with some new threads for sale as well. Time for me to catch all the action of the next four rounds of the tournament so more media soon (Thursday afternoon), so check back in for more fun.

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Unknown said...

Thank you so much for keeping the parents and grandparents infrmed via these photos. The character development involved in this game is phenomenal.
Alice Brown (Kimberly's grandmother)