Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Media Update #11

Photos - 7/16/08 AM
Photos - 7/16/08 AM - Team Photos

The sun is out, the air is cool, and it's time for the NUTC Session A tournament!

In the first round of pool play Pulp Flicktion (Orange) powered past Red Alert (Red) 8-1. On the other field Big Wrench (Blue) came from behind to take out Rumble Bees (Yellow) 8-5.

In the second round Pulp Flicktion kept up their winning ways overpowering Pink Eye (Pink), 7-3. On the other field Rambo (Green) fended off a surging Rumble Bees to win 9-5.

Red Alert came out fast and took a 4-1 lead on Pink Eye to start off the third round. Pink Eye wouldn't be fazed and stormed back to tie the game 5-5 right as time ran out. Pink Eye put up a big Herold pull and strong zone. The third throw of the point was deflected by a Pink Eye defender and caught for a Callahan goal to win the game 6-5. On the second field Rambo pulled off a convincing win over Big Wrench 8-5.

After pool play the standing are:
J1: Rambo B1: Pulp Flicktion
J2: Big Wrench B2: Pink Eye
J3: Rumble Bees B3: Red Alert

That sets the stage for the following games this afternoon:
Big Wrench vs. Red Alert
Pink Eye vs. Rumble Bees

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