Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Media Update # 4 - Photos and Newsletter

Good Evening All,
This afternoon we saw some intense action between all the teams. Team Red had a very close match between Green and was barely able to squeak a win by one point due to a strong comeback. Pink went 1-1, losing to Brown and winning over Orange. Green has a lot of height but unfortunately had a rough afternoon after they lost two players in the same point due to rolled ankles. Brown showed a lot of energy as soon as they stepped out onto the field. Brown players Adrian and Ray both had several d blocks. Yellow came out very strong in the second half of their first game and continued being strong into their second game. Upon speaking to coach Adam they are very optimistic about the next four games and they are looking to increase their playing ability even further. Blue team showed very good flow offense in both of their games and came out victorious being the only team ending up 2-0 at the end of the day. After the cleats had been hung up and stomachs were full trade night began. There seemed to be just as much intense action during trade night as their was during the games.

You can find photos from todays action (games and trade night) here

You can also find tomorrow's (Wednesday) newsletter here

The scores and standings of the tournament have been updated here.

Teams are located here.

Thank you and Enjoy!

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Sam Breslin said...

Dear Media Guy,

my name is Sam Breslin. I just came for session 2 and on July 22nd, you took a picture of me throwing a "Sammer" (the throw I made up) in the distance competition. Where is that photo? Could you upload it please?