Monday, July 28, 2008

Session C: Media Update #4 - Team Night!

Photos - 7/27/08 PM - Team Night
Video - 7/27/08 PM - Team Night

The teams have now been set and the first big competition has come and gone. Here's what happened at last night's team night.

In Mental Battleship, team Jason pulled off a dominant victory and earned a quick 4 points to build an early lead. Too bad they couldn't continue their winning ways.

Bear, Ninja, Cowboy proved to be very competitive with team Dylan and Chip coming out on top.

Clothes pins on the face, was, well, as entertaining as you'd think it would be. Despite some heroic effort, no one could break the camp record of 26 clothes pins on the face in 30 seconds. Keep in mind you can't put them on your ears, in your nose or mouth or on any facial hair. I thought the last rule was kind rough on us bearded folk. After all the competitors had done their thing, team Leila and Joe stood in first place with 16 pins to the face.

After the rules of Shooter were set, with some heckling from the crowd thrown in, the game went quickly with team Dano and Adam taking first place.

Going into the last round three teams were tied with 7 points and tension was running high.

The Vegetable-Off was a spectacularly entertaining and fitting end to a glorious night of team competition. Shakespearian performances were given, as well as total space outs. In the end team Leila and Joe proved most vegitably dramatic and took home first place to earn the first pick of jersey colors.

Here's the scoring breakdown:

PS. The dorm internet connection is back :)

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