Thursday, July 17, 2008

Media Update #16: Tourney Pictures

Photos - 7/17/08

Here are photos from the finals and 3/4 game.

In the 3/4 game Pink Eye took half 5-4 over Red Alert. Pink Eye took the first two points after half before Red Alert answered, making the game 8-6. Pink Eye then smoothly worked the disc down the field to win 9-6.

After being tied at 4-4 on a 20 minute point, Rambo pulled ahead 6-4 before Pulp Flikction stormed back to tie the game at 6-6 right after the hard cap was called. On double game point Pulp Fliktion pulled and put on a strong zone that Rambo patiently worked through for a no-turn score to win 7-6. Congratulation to Rambo for winning the NUTC '08 Session A tournament!

In yesterday's 5/6 game Big Wrench fended off a surging Rumble Bees to win 9-8.

Final Standings:
1) Rambo
2) Pulp Flikction
3) Pink Eye
4) Red Alert
5) Big Wrench
6) Rumble Bees


Anonymous said...

Most importantly, the winner comes from POOL JODY!
Anonymous Internet Surfer

Anonymous said...

Again, Josh, great work and fun stuff. Thanks for the effort... sure makes me wish I were (was?) there!


Anonymous said...

Most importantly, the winner came from POOL JODY!
-Anonymous Internet Surfer-