Monday, July 21, 2008

Media Update # 3 - Photos and Newsletter

Evening All,
Today has been another glorious day of ultimate here at NUTC. The campers were broken up into teams last night and this morning started off with the seven teams getting their first chance to step onto the field together. The teams have been practicing very hard today in preparation for the tournament which begins tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon. The list of teams and players will be posted around 12:30 tomorrow, team scores and photos will be updated nightly after the cleats have been hung up for the day. This way you can follow along and see your favorite teams in action. The camper vs. counselor game took place this evening with the campers scoring the first point! The second point that the campers scored was a hammer into the endzone. The campers however were unable to maintain the lead and were defeated 24 to 2. Sidenote: The game was originally planned on being played to 21 however time permitted three more points.

You can view all of todays action here, there are a ton of photos (over 200) for your enjoyment!

Here is a sneak peek at tomorrow's (Tuesday) newsletter.

Thank you and enjoy!

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