Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Session C: Media Update #13 - Tourney Time!

Photos - 7/30/08 PM
Photos - 7/30/08 PM - Team Photos

Pool Play Round 2: Red over Green 8-6, Orange over Blue 10-9, Pink over Yellow 11-2, Brown over Purple 9-8.

Pool Play Round 3: Brown over Yellow 9-8, Pink over Purple 7-5, Blue over Red 8-6, Green over Orange 10-6.

Pool Jody: Brown, Pink, Purple, Yellow
Pool BVH: Blue, Red, Green, Orange

In the first round of elimination:
Orange upset Brown 10-6, Purple upset Red 7-5, Pink downed Green 9-8 and Yellow upset Blue 11-6. Three upsets! Pretty dang impressive games all around. That sets up the following semis for tomorrow morning: Orange vs. Purple and Yellow vs. Pink.

Off to dinner and then the talent show! :)

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