Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Media Update #12

Photos - 7/16/08 PM

Here are the competition winners from the last couple days:

Disc Olympics - Pink Eye
Team Night - Pink Eye

Girls 15 and under - India Stubbs
Girls over 15 - Rachel
Boys 15 and under - Marty Markerson
Boys over 15 - Will Herold

And back to tournament action:

The weather is a little hotter, and so is the Ultimate.

2:28pm: The first afternoon round is underway with Pink Eye taking half over the Rumble Bees. On the other field Big Wrench is locked in a hard fought battle with Red Alert. The winners of these two games will proceed to the semis.

2:45pm: Red Alert just took half 6-5 against Big Wrench.

3:03pm: Red Alert over Big Wrench 8-5.

3:07pm: Pink Eye over Rumble Bees 9-3. The semis are now set:
Pulp Flicktion vs. Red Alert
Rambo vs. Pink Eye

4:15pm: Pulp Flicktion took half 6-2 over Red Alert. Pink Eye was up 4-1 on Rambo before Rambo went on a 5-0 run to take half on a huge full layout from Stu.

4:18pm: Red Alert scores on a long huck to climb back to 6-3. Cap in 10 minutes.

4:22pm: Pink Eye works the disc down the field, but turns it over in the red zone. Rambo pushes quickly back for the first score of the half to make it 7-4.

4:24pm: Red Alert forces a turn on a dump throw and scores on a 40 yard throw to claw back to 6-4. Pink Eye scores on a short throw to make it 7-5.

4:27pm: Pulp Ficktion forces a turn in Red Alert's red zone and capitalizes on a 15 yard down-the-line throw to score and pull ahead 8-5. Rambo scores to lead 8-5. Cap is now on.

4:30pm: Rambo and Pulp Flicktion score and both win 9-5. The finals are now set: Rambo vs. Pulp Flicktion at 9am tomorrow morning. The 3/4 game will be at 8:30 between Red Alert and Pink Eye.


Anonymous said...

Josh - this is riveting coverage, incredible photos and video, and the fact you're getting it up so quickly is simply the bomb! I can't wait to see what's to follow each day... NICE WORK!

Great hire, Tiina!


NUTC Media Guy said...

Thanks Michael :)

- Josh

Anonymous said...

Your cover photo is absolutely amazing. I try to capture action shots all the time and just haven't succeeded. Great job. I wish I saw the play in person. Great lay-out.

I've enjoyed the coverage and look forward to each posting.


NUTC Media Guy said...

Thanks TH!

As for how to get great action shots of Ultimate without breaking the bank:

1) Nikon D40 (~$500)
2) 70-300mm 5.6 lens (~$125)
3) Aperture priority mode set to 6.3 or greater
4) ISO set to 400
5) Take shots in good lighting :)

That's the exact setup I use except that I still use my 4 year old D70. 150,000 actuations and counting -- great camera.

Best place to read all about Nikon equipment:

...or if you want to break the bank, pickup a Nikon D3 and a 400mm prime lens. Now THAT'S a fun rig to shoot with :)


- Josh