Thursday, July 24, 2008

Media Update # 5 - Photos, Newsletter, and Scores

The word of the day today is rain. From the moment we got out to the fields even till now it has been raining pretty much non-stop ranging from a light drizzle to as of right now pouring rain with thunder and lightning. Due to the rain - points were longer, easy throws now became much harder but despite the weather the campers seemed to be pumped for the days action.

Orange came to play today as they went 3 and 1 (scores 9-2, 9-2, 9-5, 5-9) versus going 0-2 yesterday. Clockwork (Orange) barely missed the semi's by losing to Pink who ended up also going 3-3.

Coming off of big wins against Chlorophyll (Green 9-0) and Iron Curtain (Red 9-1), Proceed With Caution (Yellow) is looking to get revenge against Brown in the Semi's.

Dirty Dozen (Brown) came out very strong this morning winning all three games but in the afternoon it was a different story. The Dirty Dozen started off strong in the afternoon however there offense was not flowing as well as they would have liked which lead them to lose both of their afternoon games. Upon interviewing coach Jason he hopes that a good nights rest tonight will bring back the teams focus and help them as they move into the semi's.

The team to watch tomorrow is the Ice Wolves: The Glacial Pack (Blue) they are currently undefeated and the question that is on everyone's mind is do they have what to takes to remain undefeated through out the entire tournament.

Iron Curtain (Red) put up a huge effort in today's games however things just couldn't seem to click for them. It was surprising to see them go 0-5 today after being undefeated 1-0 yesterday.

Another team that was surprising to watch was Chlorophyll (Green) who went 0-6 in the tournament. Chlorophyll lost twice on universe point which was heart wrenching to their team.

After the tournament was done for the day. The talent show took place. There was a very wide variety of talents ranging from Leila singing "Somewhere Only We Know" with Andrew backing up on guitar to Jason Chow Science Program Presents The Evolution of Micah B-L. The talent show all contained some of the classic competitions including DanO's Haiku Challenge and the off hand drawing competition.

You can find all of today's photos here.

You can also find tomorrow's (Thursday) newsletter here.

The scores from today's games can be found here.

To see who is on what team click here.

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Sam said...

Dear Media Guy,

where's the picture of me throwing a Sammer in the distance competition? It was in the slideshow!

I'm wearing a navy blue jersey in the picture that says "WUDi" on it.

-Sam Breslin

NUTC Media Guy said...

Sam -
The photo you are looking for is right here.

Media Guy Over and Out