Thursday, July 24, 2008

Media Update # 6 - Photos

I think that the word of the day from yesterday has to be carried over as today's word of the day as well since the rain has yet to go away. There had been so much rain over the last few days that in certain areas of the fields during the semi's and finals there was over 2 inches of standing water!

Semi's: Blue vs. Pink and Brown vs. Yellow

In the Semi's there were show downs between Blue and Pink and Brown and Yellow. In the Brown and Yellow game, points were fought very hard and lasted for a long time. Partially induced by the weather but mainly due to the drive that the two teams had to want to win the game. In the end Yellow was able to pull out the upset and beat Brown. At the start of the Pink and Blue game the coaches of Blue (Darden and Stubbs) read a speech about wolves needing each other to survive, in order to push forward. That speech might have just been what was needed for Blue to get in the right mindset to knock Pink out of the Semi's 9-5.

Finals: Blue vs. Yellow

This game saw some of the longest points that I have ever seen. There was several layout D's, point blocks and just about everything else you'd expect to see in the finals here at NUTC. Yellow scored first and then traded off points with Blue until the score was tied 3-3. Yellow then was able to score two in a row to now make the score 5-3. Blue however remained calm were reminded to stick to their fundamentals and were able to catch up to Yellow by scoring two points. Game tied 5-5. Hard cap is now set universal game point. Every play in the tournament now comes down to this point, who will come out victorious? There were at least 3 layout d's in this point alone and in the end Blue was able to capture the win 6-5. Congratulations to the Blue Ice Wolves! Going undefeated through out the entire tournament!

Again, the teams can be found here along with the scores here.

You can find photos from the semi finals, finals and the awards ceremony here.

People have been asking about being able to purchase photos that they have seen through out the week, so I have finally made that possible here. There are more pictures from Saturday and Sunday that were previously not posted in the other galleries. If you see a photo that you like and want a portion of the photo zoomed in and cropped chances are I can get tighter on the action/person, just send me an email using the "Contact Brian" link located in the galleries and give me the photo number and what you would like done to it and i'll email you about it.

This week has been truly amazing, the level of play continued to rise as each day progressed. We battled the elements (heat and plenty of rain) and in the end we all learned a great deal of new information. I hope that everyone had a fantastic time and is looking forward to spending another week with us next year!
See you on the fields,

p.s. Josh will be back on Saturday as Media Guy for Session C

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lexinator said...

Wow, look at that water! Great work Yellow! They were an amazing team to work with this week. So proud to see them make the finals!