Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Session C: Media Update #12 - Morning Games

Photos - 7/30/08 AM

10:02am: The first round of pool play has finished with some very close games. At one point three of the four teams were tied 3-3 or 4-4. Here's how things played out: Blue over Green 10-7, Red over Orange 7-6, Purple over Yellow 9-4, and Brown over Pink 9-8. Both #4 seeds (Pink & Orange) almost managed to pull off big upsets, but both fell one short. Orange was up 6-4 before falling 7-6 and Pink was storming back but fell short at hard cap.

11:49am: The second round was off to a furious start when I left the fields. Pink had pulled out a big win over Yellow and the Purple had just taken half on Brown 6-5. Complete score updates will be posted later today.

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