Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Session C: Media Update #11 - SUPER Video Update

I had a nice smooth video editing run last night. In addition to getting caught up on this session's content, I managed to go back and put together some footage from last session, as well as code up the 2006 NUTC Promo video. For the time being the videos are only online at Vimeo. I'm hoping to get them online at YouTube sometime soon.

Video - 7/28/08: High Quality
Video - 7/28/08 - Camper/Counselor Game: High Quality
Video - 7/29/08: High Quality

Video - 7/20/08 (Session B): High Quality
Video - 7/21/08 (Session B): High Quality

2006 NUTC Promo Video Intro: High Quality
2006 NUTC Promo Video: High Quality


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